hear whils back pappy thought we might need a new outside house since the trmites been eating the old one up and he was scared that sombody might fall in and what a mess that would be.

He went to the lumber yard and got some fine wood that some might even think was to make fancy chairs or nice tables out of. Pappy just thought nothing was to good for maw.

He used fine veneers' like on furniture and table tops and cover the walls with first class fur from some minks that he trapped last winter. He even placed a small wood heater in side for on them cold days that come in the winter months.

Butt guess what he made 1 very bad mistake and maw got so so made with him for it till he almost had to leave home when she saw it. Can you see any reason for her to get so made with him?
I do not. it is sure a nice place to go and rest when you need to just sit and think and maybe read the magazines.

I shre hope that uns injoys all tht you sees hears.
billyjo bob

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