i was thinking about when that funny pie thingy theys calls pizza first showed up hear n east tenasea a few yers back and thought i might asks when some foks 1st tried it an years whats som says

Absolutely. It was around 1967 and I lived with my grandparents because my mother, a single mom, needed the support while she worked. As with most ethnic individuals, church is of the utmost importance. My grandmother would take me and my cousin - who also lived with us - to church every Sunday. The church was located in the once famous Maxwell street market. Afterwards, with 35 cents, we would walk to the Kresge five and dime store and buy a pizza slice and a fountain drink. She would only order cheese because it was the cheapest, and a coke with no ice so we'd have enough for all of us. The slices were large and fresh and salty. She'd have the counter-girl slice it into three even pieces. We'd eat slowly so the flavor would last in our mouths. My cousin, who was younger than I would eat much more slower and always had some pizza left after I was done eating. I'd look at her and would just wish that one day I could snatch that piece and gobble it up. On occasion, we'd pass up the pizza and share a Maxwell Street hot dog instead.

Then around a year later, my aunt learned how to make pizza and she'd give us each dough so that we'd make our own individual pizzas. We'd top them with all sorts of things. My favorite was to top mine with loads of cheese, diced hot dogs, onions and sliced tomatoes. Then after it was cooked I'd fold it and eat it. It was my very own hot dog pizza. I probably was trying to kill two birds with one stone by having the pizza and the hot dogs which I loved to much all in one treat. To this day, nobody that I know makes them that way except me and I still love it. One difference is that now I saute the onions first.
I think my first pizza was at Lake Compounce, in Connecticut. It is the oldest Amusement Park in the Country. It has seen several owners since the original family owned it. But it is still one of the best places to go in Connecticut.
Beth C
Yes I remember the first time I ate pizza. Mom and dad used to buy those boxes of four little pizza's back when I was a kid. It was really special for us to get those pizza's and mom and dad made a habit out of buying three or four boxes every Friday after mom got paid. I still have fond memories of our family setting around the table, eating those pizza's and having a great time. I haven't thought about that in a while.
God bless,
Yep when I was 7 years old and I have never tasted one that tastes that good since
I had never heard of pizza until the year I married. Sammy was stationed in Arizona and we went to the drive-in. He told me I had better not dare eat it with a fork. lol
Where I grew up we didn't eat any kind of Italian foods. Besides that, there was not a pizza joint in the whole state of Georgia. Then, as a Navy wife in the early sixties, everyone was eating pizza but me because I was VERY persnickity about cheese--but Pepperoni? Mushrooms!? No way!

Then one day the delicious smell was more than I could stand and I took my first bite. It's been a favorite food ever since.
I guess we had similar experiences in the military. I think it really expanded my horizons by rubbing elbows with people from all over the country.
Another food I'd never even heard of was Tacos. When we were stationed at Memphis a friend from Long Beach, Calif. wanted to come over to our house and use our kitchen to make some. Little did I know what a mess it would make some. He said you could get them everywhere in California "6 for $1.00". We liked them and made them ocassionally.
When we were transferred to San Diego we found that the guy was
right. 6 tacos for a buck in little shacks everywhere.
Then Taco Bells started popping up all over the country...
But still, I can't picture my daddy eating one or pizza either!
Yes. We were brought up on a big farm and didn't get to town much. My Mom told my Dad to bring home stuff to make a big pizza for my 13th birthday. That was a few days ago..lol..lol...
YES I SURE DO.... I was 17 and expecting a baby,Tried pizza for the first time. Never had iot again until pregrant for child number 2 at age 20 and ate it every day for 7 months. LOL
1973, 1975


I shre hope that uns injoys all tht you sees hears.
billyjo bob

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