cuzin jim tom is luv sick
he'z got em self a gurl
He ain't never dated
so he thought he give it a wurl

he wuz gonna take her somthin
an he had ta leave real soon
so he got hur a little duck
and a purty green baloon

now, he thought that wuz real thoughtful
an he went right out the door
he wuz so eggcited
he aint never gave a gurl nuttin be4

he gave a holler at her cabin
that wuz mistake # 1
yus dont hollor at yur gurl
then yus look like a bum

well, she came out anyway
madder then a wet hen
"you treet me like a lady, buster"
yep, thats what she said to him

And then she saw the silly baloon
and that little toy duck
she turned round an when back in
now yur jest outta luck

yep .... that was mistke #2
you shulda got sum flowers
coulda picked sum by the road
for the next time you met a gurl
now you been told

jim tom said awww shucks!!
who needs a gurl
im gonna go home
and give my tricycle a wurl!!

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