ernie roy and molly sue
moved on up the road
they packed all their belongins
was a big ol mother load

they got too hi class
smug and lotty-da
they think they better than us
said my ol pa

they got a cabin with TWO rooms
one fur the bed one fur cookin'
the pump outside had its own sink
they jest thought it wuz so good lookin'

why they even had a light
so at night they could see
i'll be dang if they didn't get

now one day they went to the
local wally mart
picked two of them bathin' suits
and put em in the cart

but the one thing they got
Now I aint no fool
they went and bought
a fancy swimmin' pool

yep, they did
it had 3 rings when they blowed it up
it only took bout a minut
three whole buckets it took
to put some water in it

out there in the yard
nobody else had one
was that fancy-shmancy swimmin' pool
sittin' in the sun

and im tellin' no lie
this is the real kicker
they poured into glasses
from a jug of corn licker

o yes they did
with a lemon slice n ice
I saw em
now aint that nice

they think theyre to good for us
what more can i say
when we go walkin' by
they wont even say "hey!!!!!"

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