Unkul Norbert Zak

Ol' unkul norbert zak
wuz old az he culd bee
I remimber win i wuz litle
hed set me on hiz nee

an told me all hiz storees
bout long long ago
well ifn he didn't tell em
how wood i no

well won day pappy said
ol unkul norbert zak wuz dead
he wuz workin on hiz roof
an fell rite on hiz head

why he wuz hammerin sum nails in
ta keep that there roof frum blowin
he baked up to look at hiz work
an didn't see were he wuz goin

well we hadta half a funrail
ta burry that ol coot
we hadta by a coughfin
but it sure cost lotta loot

so we did by the best one ta put hem in
so folks culd take a look
he looked mity nice in hiz sute
so a picture we took

after folks looked at hem
we took hem outta that coughfin
then stuk hem in the ground
my bother an me wuz laughin

pappy sez it cost to much
to put it in the ground
so pappy snuk it home
an didn't mak no sound

im wurnin yu boyz
he sed now dont ya'll tell
cuz im geetin my muny back
im stickin it out thar in that yard sell

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