pappy had a little beard
when he was just a lad
maybe 18 or 19
it wuz the best he had

now he never shaved it off
nope never shaved his face
cause pap had one thing on his mind
to win the county fair race

hillbillys never shave
nope they never do
there is a reson why you no
now im gonna tell you

every year in our county
in this here, tennysee
thars a race to grow the longest
right down to the nee

and its not so much how long
its the prize they get, you see
a big ol' jug of mother's milk
good ol corn whiskey

now pap is always the winner
in this here lettle town
his beard is always longest
he just drags it round

but you should see my pappy
he gets all buggy eyez
when they call out his name
that he done won 1st prize

im so proud of pap
that sweet ol pappy of mine
he always gives me a little sip
of his super prize, moonshine!!

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