billyjoe bobs cuzin leeroy took em to
a consert the otter day. this is what they seen

reminds me of some folks I nos
i met em not to long ago
I thought they liked me
cause we hit it off, I jest no

Now i saw them
when i wuz slumin' one day
an i yell out, "hey ya'lls member me?
And they looked the other way
maybe they didnt see

i chased em till I got em
an yelled a little more....
I get up right in there face
and say, "i nos ya'lls seen me before"

I guss they really don't member
cause i'm a guy that's allrite
an when i turned round
they disapeered outta site

They jest have a bad memory
from what i can see
cause i nos one thing fer shour
nobody culd ever forget me!!

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