Paw's Rovin' Eyes!!!!

paws got a rovin' eye
and maws alredy noed
he was lookin at miz pearly sue
that lived on down the road

she was quite a looker
aint no argment thar
she has real curvy curves
an sparkin silver hair

now maw noed she put on a litle wate
needed to lose a few pounds
she needed to fix herslf up
as silly as it sounds

So she gots her a bike
an peddled all day long
she noed she better make
that booty all gone

she noed that paw was
nuthin but a dope
but she still worked out
on a jumpin rope

paws eyes are still bugged out
but not at miz pearly sue
maws got herself fit as a fiddle
she got her figur back
and got a teddy too!!

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