Pap And His Puter

pap sayd
wuats that litle arrow
thar on the screen
it jest sits right thar
its maken me reel mean

i hit every dang key
on this puter board
cents we got lectricity
i even pluged in the cord

now tell me son
wuat am i doin wrong
i been sitten hair on this chair
for mihty mihty long

i sayd
that thar pap dont use the keys
a mouse is wuat ya need
yous move it round on yur desk
now are ya lisen to me

that thar mouse needs buttons
fur ya to clik
ya didnt get one with yur puter
beter get one reel quik

i dont want ya loosen yur mind
now yas got ta go ta town
get a mouse with a button
ta push it all round

well, that thar pap of mine
he picked him up a sack
and sayd
i dont need ta go ta town
ill jest go out in back

he came back with a mouse
with a button on it too
O lordy me pap
whut the heck did ya do?!?!?!

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