mam and pap what a pare
drinkin there moonshine
how they like to guzzle
those parents of mine

but every summer we go home
we visit from tennysee
maybe they sobered up
we jest gonna see

they sold every stick of furniture
in the old homested
mam and pap what did ya do
yep that's jest what i said

they needed money for moonshine
an they kept 2 chairs an a table
cause when cold winter comes
they go inside if they able

an there they sit all winter long
drinkin and drinkin still
but never a day in there life
they had to take a pill

paps 92 mams 90
an that makes me jest tickled
they'll live to be a 100 or more
i think they are both pickled

ths hear pom is fur only
Redneck Poetry Shelf
sos donts steal it under
getn shot ifns uns does.