i got a ol' friend of mine
well he's jest somethin' else
he jest thinkin' hes better than me
hes jest stuck on hiz self

now i'll give yas an xample
jest what hez like
he gotem a new cycle
yeah a motor bike

Well, now i did better
im a gonna tell ya what i done
hiz was jest lettle
and i thunk i won

out thar under hiz ol oak tree
he hung a wooden swang
so uncomfertable hiz wuz
but mines a comfy thang

then he got this 4x4
well hes just outta luk
mine is so much betta
take a gander at my truk

he got him self a car alarm
to save hem sum greef
it would shreek reel loud
to worn of a theef

so i gots me a car alarm
not only duz it shreek
it ken chase hem down the road
an bitem on the cheek

when my pals gal got marieed
he gots her a lettel lemmonzeen
i beet hem on that thar won to
my gal had a streech lemmonzeen

this one I really got em
in hiz truk he hung a gun rak
but looky here what i gots
now whatdaya think of that??

well bust my timbers
comin or goin
he don't know what ta say
i gotem on that one to
comin or goin
i ken go ethar way

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