Saturday nights a-comin'
It's that time of year
Y'all's invited
Come an' visit Farmer Brown
Gonna kick up some heels
Time for a good ol' hoe down

A hoe down like I never saw
I believe there was a Bobbyjoe
on the gee-tar
That whole barn yard
was startin' too swing....
An' ol' Henrietta
bustin' out her lungs...
That chick can sure sing

There was Billy Bob
playin that fiddle tune
Orange somethin' or other
What a hunk that man is
He just made the gals swoon

Gran'pa Jones,
that sweet ol' man
Just a strummin on the banjo
Then here comes Billyjoe Bob
Bringin' all the moonshine
Well, he'd be the one,
wouldn't ya know

Charlie Horse stompin'
his feet all over that floor
Yep, I believe he was
shakin' a leg....
Well, I think it was all four

Then there was that
ol' Tom Turkey
flappin' them wings....
He had hay a-flyin'
or was it the straw....
Now, this whole thing
was gettin' outta hand....
And Gosh-by-golly
here comes the Law

We had a dance goin' on
like you never saw
That whole barn
was a-jumpin' to and fro
And dang....
I couldn't believe this....
Out there doin' his thing
was ol' Scarecrow

Porker Pig
didn't hold back neether
An joinin' right in...
Bessy Cow....
I ain't never seen
a hoe down like this....
Hot Dang this was fun!!!
and how !!

Out there in the middle
of it all....
That ol' Farmer
grabbed his ol' lady,
Granny Brown
They was sure gettin' down

Well, I just couldn't
contain myself then......
I grabbed me one of
them lawman
and jumped right in

Now those lawmen
come here to settle
this whole thing down....
Too much moonshine....
Too much noise....
They said,
"Y'all's turnin this place
into a wreak"
But they saw
all the fun we was havin'
So they joined right in
and said......
"What the heck!!!!!"

This thing went on
till break of day....
Oh Boy.... What fun
They have this hoe down
every year....
And as we was leavin'
Ol' Farmer Brown called out,
"Y'all come back now,
ya hear?"

I done stoled this here poem from Carolyn
signed Billyjoe Bob

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